Some Things Are Meant to Be

The questions I have been asked most frequently since the inception of Blush Boutique are, “How do y’all know each other?” and “How did you get involved in this?”.  Both are pretty amusing to me because the answers are just so natural.  

Amanda and I have a long history together—our fathers were best friends growing up, and while we did not know each other until adulthood, it did not take long for us to become best of friends also.  Amanda worked as my nurse for several years before following her true passion and purchasing Merle Norman Cosmetics in 2014.  She knew it would be a matter of time before I started trying to boss her around again, though!  In truth, we have been talking about doing something like Blush for years, and now we are making that dream a reality!  

People often question best friends going into business together, and now we have added my sister-in-law, Emily!  Are we crazy?!  Well, probably we are, but this is not why!  The thing that makes us successful in business is what has always made “us” work—we put our friendship and each other before everything business-related.  There is nothing more important to the three of us than our families and our friendships.  So, we always make sure to put those relationships first, and everything else falls into place.  Like Jesus taught His disciples, serve others as more important than yourselves, right?

The other thing that makes us better together is that we have different strengths but the same goals.  Our mission in opening Blush originally was to increase local shopping options and to try and support American manufacturing wherever possible.  We carry two lines of top-notch American made jeans, Angry Rabbit and Kan Can.  We also sell Bridgewater Candles, made in South Carolina, created by a company that feeds orphaned children around the world with each candle sold.  We carry Flirt Jewelry (Mississippi), Southern Strung jewelry (Carrollton, Georgia), and Southern Raised t-shirts (Tuscaloosa, Alabama).  In fact, the majority of what we sell is made in the USA. 

We also believe that women work hard and carry huge responsibilities.  Whether they work in the home or out, we are the backbone of the American family, and as such, we deserve to look and feel as beautiful as God created us.  Women give until they cannot give anymore, then they give some more, always putting themselves last.  At Blush, we want to make sure each woman we encounter leaves feeling better than when they arrived and that they KNOW just how important, lovely, and beautiful they are.  

As our online store launches, we hope to carry this hope and this mission to the far reaches of our great nation.   I guess you could say we are “Free Falling” girls—we love Jesus, our mamas, and America, too.  We love each other, and we want you to know what we feel in our hearts.  We hope that you will fall in love with Blush Boutique like we have, and that you will always remember what our Memaw says, “Jesus loves you and so do I.”  Thanks for checking us out, y’all!  Happy shopping!

Allison Key
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