Maternity Fashion

Maternity Fashion

So, you’re having a baby?! Congratulations!  Hopefully, you will be one of those “special” girls who is only pregnant right in her itty-bitty, perfectly round tummy.  But if you are like the rest of us, we have you covered!  From swollen feet and ankles to puffy hands, pregnancy can be downright hard on a body!  Growing a small human in your womb is hard, and miraculous, work, and often leaves you feeling exhausted and not so glamorous.  But let me tell you something sister, you have never been more beautiful than you are right now!  And dressing like it will help you feel like it!  Don’t worry because it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!  Luckily, what is on trend today can carry you from pre-pregnancy hottie through full-on pregnancy beauty and back again.  Look for empire waists and flowy, feminine fabrics.  Maxi dresses with a cinched, empire waist will definitely be a wardrobe staple for you before, during, and after.  Another thing to remember is you only need a few basic true maternity items—jeans or pants, tank tops or t-shirts.  The rest of your wardrobe during this time can be built with clothes you already have or with items you can continue to wear after your sweet sugars makes his or her appearance.  Kimonos and cardigans will fit regardless and really add a feminine touch to a basic jeans and t-shirt outfit.  One thing on trend right now is chambray fabrics.  Slip on some comfy leggings, a basic t-shirt, and your denim jacket and you are ready to go!  One brand we carry that is perfect for before, during, and after pregnancy is Umgee.  Many of their cuts are very full and flowy, which is just right for your growing belly.  They won’t stretch or lose their shape as you continue to wear them, and will be very forgiving after your little bundle arrives and you get back your pre-pregnancy body.  Pair one of these tunics with your favorite leggings and a pair of our leopard print flats, and you are ready for anything your day brings and look amazing doing it!  This is a time in your life that may not feel all that glamorous, but is one of the most special and perhaps the most miraculous and remarkable thing you will ever accomplish—you deserve to look as beautiful as your truly are!

Maternity Photo Credit: Alea Kent Photography

Allison Key

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