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In order to preserve the quality of your tee, we suggest washing in cold water and hanging or laying flat to dry.  Now we realize that everyone is busy and it takes more time to hang dry these days, but we suggest this because of the vibrant colors.  If you put your shirts in the dryer you will get fading much quicker and the shirt will loose its vibrant clean crisp look.  




We get asked this all the time and we all have different opinions on the subject at hand.  We only choose the highest quality of tees and we don't like shrinkage.  Because we hang them to dry we don't ever see any shrinkage occurring.  Our shirts vary in fabric types, but overall shouldn't be shrinking but a tiny bit if you put them in the dryer. Although, our shirts do not come "pre-shrunk" like some other brands offer.   Be kind to your tees and they will be kind back!!  Hang that baby to dry or lay flat and it should last forever!!  

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